Woodhills Residences - AMENITIES

There are lot of amenities at the Woodhills Residences which gives you such a beautiful environment to grow and live in. Among the outstanding amenities here include:

Grand Clubhouse

This is one of the most beautiful features at the site. It has gazebos where you can just relax around as well as an aerobics area where you restore your balance and bring your life back into sync. There are a lot of exercise classes you can enroll to master your fitness. Imagine yourself doing yoga with friends and family during holidays and weekends.

The clubhouse also has a gym which is spacious enough to accommodate you hence no need to pay those exorbitant gym membership fees. The gym is fully equipped with world class machines to meet the demands of a modern family that wants a daily grind.

To top it up all, the clubhouse has a grand ballroom which can accommodate huge gatherings. You don’t need to pay for venues outside Woodhills Residences for your meetings. You can do it right here.

Tennis Court

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the tennis facilities here will definitely horn your skills and bring out the champion out of you.

Basketball Court

If you want to sweat it out right here in Woodhills Residences, you can. There is state-of-the-art basketball court done according to the sporting standards where you can do some rounds of ballgame. This can be a good pastime specially for weekends and evenings. The interesting thing with the basketball court is that it is fully covered meaning you can play even when it is raining outside.

Swimming Pools

There is a kiddie pool and an adult pool. The vast water facility that defines the adult pool allows you to enjoy the water as you swim or submerge yourself halfway as you enjoy refreshing drinks and snacks on the sides without leaving the pool. The kiddie pool assures your kids of quality time as you teach them how to swim. It gives you a great bonding experience.

24-Hour Security

The safety of your family comes first at all times. For this reason, IPM Realty decided to put in place very strong entrance gates manned by trained guards around the clock. When visitors come to the compound, they must first be checked, asked where they are visiting, and sign in before the majestic gates are opened.

Ample Parking Space

At the Woodhills Residences, parking space is in plenty. Every tower has its own parking area and there is a common area for visitors to park their cars in the compound. The parking lots are also secured which means you can sleep in peace knowing that your vehicle is well guarded.

Apart from the above amenities, the Woodhills Residences have a dependable and centralized water supply system which ensures every unit has adequate and clean water. Some of the units have wood burning fireplaces where you surround with your family as you catch up on the day’s activities and simply share the good times. The atmosphere at night is alluring and the high rolling terrains are simply amazing. 

  • Mediterranean-Inspired Grand Clubhouse
  • Adult and Kiddie Swimming Pools
  • Covered Basketball court
  • Tennis Court
  • Enchanting Garden Chapel
  • Artist Amphitheater
  • Labyrinth Wishing Well
  • Alluring City Scenery of Light by night
  • Crisp Summer Breeze of Windy Tagaytay
  • Farm-like atmosphere with fruit-bearing trees in a high rolling terrain
  • Woodhills Residences Main Lobby
  • Centralized Water Supply System
  • Large Private Balcony in all units
  • Wood Burning Fireplace in all 2BR Units & in selected Studio Units
  • Parking Space
  • Administration Office
  • 24-Hour Security
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